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I am Rohit Kaul and at Seeking North I have one mission: To teach you how to use Behavior Science to create awesome products that your customers love.

Behavior Science is the study of how humans understand the world around them and how they respond to different stimuli (that includes your product). This is an emerging field that has really exploded in the last decade and today large companies such as Google, Uber, Netflix, Amazon, etc. employ armies of Behavioral Scientists to make their products awesome.

I will equip you with actionable insights, real-life examples and unseen tactics on how to use Behavior Science -based techniques in your products and blaze ahead of the competition.

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Based on decades of Behavior Science research, these eBooks will teach you how to use Behavior Science-based Product Design techniques to build superior products.

My latest eBook ‘Supercharge your Product using Principles of Psychology’ deep dives into 8 such principles with 75+ real-life examples.

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We are about to implement a feature into our Sales Software that gives you Feedback on your daily goal, and we will tell users how close they are to reaching their goal instead of how far they have come thanks to you:)
In my view, the article of the week(If I can say so !) honor goes to Rohit Kaul, who has so painstakingly given such rich insights in his article "Supercharge your Product using Principles of Psychology".Thank you, Rohit for bringing out this article to us.
Congratulations Rohit Kaul! Fantastic to see this. Thanks for all your efforts in making Behavioural Science more accessible to us.
Rohit Kaul created these 8 helpful & easy-to-read slides on #behaviouralscience, I find them super relevant as a designer. πŸ€— Check them out, you don't want to miss out! πŸ¦‰πŸ‘
This is a great, practical summary of how to apply my research on temptation bundling!
Must read! I re-read your work every single day to extract more out of it and apply it in my life and business. It’s precise and so enriching- thank you so much for your efforts.

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